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The Pride Run 10k are pleased to support Micro Rainbow International Foundation as their selected charity for 2021.


Micro Rainbow International Foundation works globally to help lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and
intersex (LGBTI) people achieve their full potential in life and have equal access to employment,
training, education, financial services, healthcare, housing, places of faith, and public places and services.

The charity does so through three main programmes:

Economic empowerment and advocacy. Because of discrimination, many LGBTI people
around the world are prevented from accessing education, employment and financial
services. The charity supports LGBTI people living with less than $1 a day by delivering small
business trainings, moving on services and facilitating micro-finance.

Social inclusion. Many LGBTI people are rejected by their families and communities and live
in extreme isolation. The charity delivers activities that help them build new friendships and
stronger social safety nets.

Emergency housing and support. Thousands of LGBTI people come to the UK every year
because they face torture, imprisonment or even the death penalty in their country, just
because of who they are and love. This programme supports vulnerable LGBTI asylum
seekers who are at risk of homelessness and extreme poverty with emergency housing and
small grants for food, toiletries and transport.

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